Welcome to the Rumble


The Warrior Rumble was established in 2003 by Superfan Sean McKillip (guy on the right in the referee’s shirt above picture) and Vince Ruzicka (standing next to Superfan in below left picture) when they were students at the best school in the NWAACC, WWCC.


 Superfan and Vince started the Rumble so the students at WWCC, yeah I mean you, could have a place of their own to cheer on the Warriors. Their goal was to create awareness of WWCC sports and that is exactly what they have done. It’s a place the Get Loud, Get Crazy, and Have Fun.

RTEmagicC_warriorrumblesetup_gif     RTEmagicC_rumbleoutside_gif

 It’s time to make the Dome the loudest and craziest gym in the entire NWAACC. Come cheer on the Volleyball team, the Baskteball teams, or whatever WWCC team is playing in the Dome. All we need is YOU!!

Contact Superfan: [email protected]